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    This Checklist is designed to help hospital administrators and leadership incorporate essential pediatric considerations into existing hospital disaster policies. This is the non-interactive version. The same publication is also available in an interactive format. DOWNLOAD >>>

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    The second paper from Peds Ready has been released. Authored by Juliana Sadovich, PhD, RN; Terry Adirim, MD, MPH, Russell Telford, MAS; et al, the online article, "Pediatric Readiness in IHS and Tribal Emergency Departments: Results from the National Pediatric Readiness Project," appears in Journal of Emergency Nursing.READ MORE >>>

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    The SnapShot Data Tool allows users to view and filter results from the 2015 EMSC State and Territory Partnership SnapShot Self-Assessment. Use it to display the data by assessment question, region, or by comparison of states/territories. ACCESS >>>

Health Resources on Children in Disasters and Emergencies

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